Saratoga County

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Saratoga County

Saratoga County, USA

Last Updated: February 2nd, 2021

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Welcome to Saratoga County. A county with multiple small towns in Seneca, USA (based on New York). Here we can take a break, and relax with some suburban scenery. A nice break from all the urban cities that we are used to. In-Universe, Seneca State would be north of Cayuga USA.

These Routes Originate in Downtown Saratoga:
14 - Albany

15 - Southwest Shopping Plaza via Southside

17 - Saratoga Bus Garage

Please note: You must replace ALL objects, hofs, and the like with that from this pack, and enable "load map without buses" The first time you run this map. If not, you will have incompatibilities which will result in a possibly unplayable map.

New Saratoga Transit logo

Recommended Buses:



  • This pack has several repaints included, however, if you wish to make your own paints, the logo to the right is the company logo.

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Additional Requirements:

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Update 2/2/2021:

  • Includes fonts for helper arrows
  • adds paints for Orion V and Solaris BVG (all sizes)

Update 2/3/2021:

  • Added paints for ALL MAN SD variants
  • corrected Orion V, MAN NL202, and New Flyer/DBC 60 foot paints
  • Added paints for MB O530 Facelift (standard size two-door variant only)

Update 2/18/2021:

  • Added paints for MAN Lion's City DD
  • Updated paints to feature the newer Saratoga Transit livery
  • improved scenery by reappearings and iTiwats
  • corrected "Pothole" by Southwest Plaza
  • added missing arrows along route 14 and 17

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      1. Hey dash I figure this might be the easiest way to reach out to you. I have a few questions about some things I’ve tried to download some maps before and when I try to open them it is just a blue screen on my screen. Can you explain to me what I did wrong I feel like I’m wasting my time trying to download these maps because I can’t, thanks.

          1. I have everything downloaded for Cayuga and the blue sky tool shows that i have 1 object missing and it doesn’t say which one it is. The missing side of the screen shows nothing, it only says that I’m missing 1 object

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