San Andreas Bus Transit Overhaul Mod
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  • Create Date June 27, 2014
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San Andreas Bus Transit Overhaul Mod aka SABTOM, 2014 release

New Flyer D40LF models by Jkearns0
UPDATED as of June 27th, 2014


Hello Everyone and welcome to the San Andreas Bus Transit Overhaul Mod 2014. Completely changes bus transit in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Unlike in previous mods (such as the Los Santos Transit mod), this one really focuses on detail. The mod includes new bus stops, new shelters, new buses, and a custom cargrp.dat file that makes a bus spawn virtually anywhere as it would in real life. Please remember to make backups before installing.

Tools needed to install:
-Notepad (if you do manual installs)
-SAMI/GGMM (for automatic vehicle installs)
-IMG Tool/Spark (it's your choice really)

What's new in this version 1.1?

  • Bus stops all over San Andreas (The idea came from another mod I've found, and I liked the locations they chose so I replicated them with slight changes in the county
  • New San Fiero tram route designator (I know most cable cars don't have a route number on the side but since these cars don't have front signs, I put it on the side as well)
  • New San Fiero tram stops. These textures are more high definition and feature the Los Santos Transit logo. I'll update it to have a San Fiero logo if there is ever a remake of San Fiero. I'm simply trying to go for uniformity for now.
  • Separated DFF and TXD files. Multiple users reported the GGMM method for installing the vehicles was pretty disappointing, so now I have provided the DFF and TXD files. This also allows for compatibility with both SA:MP and SABTOM 2014


  • -The coach will spawn without a driver, yet when you carjack it, you'll take out the driver. Don't ask. It's a San Andreas thing
  • -This mod is compatible with SA-MP.
  • -This mod replaces the Los Santos Transit Mod. It does not include the BUFFALO and STRETCH models (to keep it compatible with SA-MP)
  • -Unlike in the Los Santos Transit mod, the buses actually match SA Lighting and therefore do not appear to "Glow" in the daylight hours.
  • -You do NOT have permission to modify and re-release this mod
  • -You do NOT have permission to host this mod
  • -You DO have permission to use this mod in any way you wish, but if you wish to promote it in a video remember to link to the original download page and not another website.

A new version is in progress...

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