NovaBus LFS 40102

OMSI 2 NovaBus LFS
  • Version Modded
  • Download 1694
  • File Size 324.50 MB
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  • Create Date December 17, 2020
  • Last Updated January 27, 2021

NovaBus LFS 40102

After so much whining and complaining from you jerks support from you guys, I finally decided to release what I have, sounds n all. Since a lot of my changes require modified versions of the default files, and I forget which are and which aren't, I just uploaded my whole LFS folder.


  • All the default buses in the LFS pack with all the listed modifications
  • Gen IV LFS (SEPTA and MTA bodies)
  • All-door exiting
  • Exterior announcements
  • Kneeling sounds
  • modified DBC Chicago .hof files
  • the many sound moods by Dash5155/TheDashOfficial
  • the many script changes by Dash5155/TheDashOfiicial

Special thanks to:

  • MTA3306 (Creator of the Original Bus)
  • Dash5155
  • TheGr8Winston
  • Nyctrman
  • Krtz07
  • Jon

Although you don't need to download the latest version of the NovaBus LFS (as of this point it's 0.72), I still condone supporting the developer. Visit for all their updates and content.

7 thoughts on “NovaBus LFS 40102

  1. These buses are great! I am curious about something. With the exception of the Gen II Nova, when I try to drive this in the Gladbeck map, the display won’t show for the bus on the SB and NE routes. For numbered routes, it shows just fine. Has anyone else using this bus run into that issue? I’m guessing someone has used this bus in the Gladbeck map since the Gen IV came with repaints for Gladbeck. Also, the same issues applies for the Orion, the Gillig, and Xcelsior (which all seem to use the same type of display).

    1. The EXE is the download, it was created with a program called “EXE creator which doesn’t provide a signature on created installations, which is why windows falsely identify it as a virus, but if you click “read more” and then “run anyway” you should be able to run the executable, which allows you to choose where everything is extracted.

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