New Flyer Xcelsior Series

  • Version 0.61
  • Download 462
  • File Size 355.0 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date February 2, 2021
  • Last Updated February 2, 2021

New Flyer Xcelsior Series

Originally developed by MTA3306, re-uploaded by UpLift Vancouver.

Bus variants include:

  • XD35
  • XD40
  • XD60
  • XDE40
  • XDE60
  • XN35
  • XN40
  • XN60

This upload is a rollback version of the Xcelsior series, the current version available on MTA3306's website only includes the XD40 & XD60.

8 thoughts on “New Flyer Xcelsior Series

  1. the xcelsior is a good bus but when i use it in game it shows me different depots then what’s in the vehicle folder for the xcelsior the only one it has right is grundorf
    here is a list of the depots that shows up when selecting the bus
    2 depots for draytonford
    fiktiv szczecinv2(pristi +Aktualni)
    great grundorf 2
    and grundorf
    none of the hof files i have in the vehicle folder shows up but those depots

    1. That happens to some of the busses, usually it is within the files of the game that does that or the files of the bus itself, as long as it doesnt interfere with you spawning the bus or doesn’t show the hof file you want, then its no problem.

      1. yea but if u don’t have the right depot no passengers will come on the bus or don’t know which bus to take say for example if ur playing on the chicago downtown map and ur depot is chicago kedzie that depot should show up on the depot list when selecting the bus not the ones listed
        same with liberty city and saratoga

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