Neoplan USA Articulated Buses by Spirit

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  • Version Pre-Release 3
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  • Create Date December 17, 2020
  • Last Updated July 10, 2021

Neoplan USA Articulated Buses by Spirit

This mod is a work in progress, but you can get a WIP version. This package includes:

NJ Transit Spec Neoplan AN459 Transit

NJ Transit Spec Neoplan AN459 Suburban


Free updates with more variants will come in the future


Upcoming variants:

Bee Line AN460
Houston METRO AN460

The AN440 will NOT be apart of this package.


70 thoughts on “Neoplan USA Articulated Buses by Spirit

          1. No need to repurchase, go to the purchases tab and find your order number. Next to it should be a green download button. If it’s not there, click on the invoice button above it to see if there was an issue with your order. If there is no problem, try another browser. You don’t have to pay again if your payment cleared in the first place.

  1. I may have to talk to somebody at PayPal to see if there’s something seriously wrong with my account. I cannot make this purchase – no matter what browser I use. I’ve already dealt with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. No dice on any of them.
    Yes, the e-mail address listed for PayPal is the same as what I should have here.

    If you bought the bus you should see a download button when you click “order details.”

    If it doesn’t work, then you’ll want to use another browser like firefox, opera, or anything besides chrome.

    Good Luck! Any questions? Feel free to ask.

    1. Well I was finally able to complete the purchase (via the Firefox browser) but still no download button. I did everything else that needed to be done.
      Let me know if the order ID# is needed.

      p.s. I tried seven times and the 8th attempt was the one that went through.

          1. Step 1 – Done that.
            Step 2 – Don’t see a green download button.
            Step 3 – Clicked on the 1st one and the only visible issue that I see is it’s still “processing” – even though I did get a receipt of the order from PayPal.

    1. The other buses weren’t free till a year or two after they were released so the reason to pay them for it is to pay those that help develop and put time into to this bus could get paid for their time working hard on it and the money also helps funds for future projects of there’s for omsi.

      1. is this a trusted site for purchasing stuff cause if i have to pay $11 for a bus that i can download for free then i’ll do it cause this site is not like steam where u can purchase stuff and get an emailed receipt plus have an option where u can opt out of saving personal info for purchasing stuff

    1. It’s Paypal checkout. You receive a receipt for your payment via email, and you can access your purchased downloads at any time as long as you’re logged in to your account.

      If you have that many questions, your best bet is to not purchase the bus. In my honest opinion, it’s not really worth it to purchase it if you had this much doubt.

  3. So I bought it maybe a month ago and so far I’m enjoying it a lot! The biggest critique that I would have is that on some hills, inclines, and ramps, the bus struggles to make it up, almost stopping in the middle of it. I would ask in a future update and in any future development of buses to set the scripts high enough so this doesn’t occur. Other than that, this has been great to drive as I am a fan of Neoplan buses, especially the AN460, and look forward to seeing the rest of them be released!

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