Gillig BRT by Allyn65

Gillig BRT specs
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Gillig BRT by Allyn65

The Gillig BRT is the BRT-styled derivative of the Gillig Low Floor. Gillig began working on the design in early 2003 and delivered their first BRT buses to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority in 2005.  -

Gillig BRT by Allyn65

Want to add the Gillig BRT to your OMSI fleet? Well, look no further. This mod brings both a 35 and 40 foot Gillig BRT to OMSI 2. To install, download this file, open with your favorite zip archive reader, find the folders "Fonts" and "Vehicles" and extract it to your OMSI 2 installation. The fonts are required for the destination signs to work.


  • Gillig BRT 35 footer
  • Gillig BRT 40 footer
  • Gillig BRT 40 footer with a flat roof

Update 2/1/2021 includes:

  • Gillig BRT 35 foot CNG
  • Gillig BRT 35 foot with a flat roof
  • Gillig BRT 40 foot HEV

Update 2/3/2021 includes:

  • Gillig BRT 35 foot HEV
  • Gillig BRT 40 foot CNG
  • Fixed passenger boarding on 40 foot HEV

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12 thoughts on “Gillig BRT by Allyn65

  1. Hello Everyone, I’m currently experiencing a problem with two buses from this download. The Gillig BRT 40 footer with a flat roof and Gillig BRT 40 foot hybrid. I believe I installed it right because all the rest of the buses work. The 40 footer with a flat roof doesn’t load at all and the Gillig BRT 40 foot hybrid doesn’t have any wheels and no repaints. Can someone explain to me that what’s wrong. Thank you. Also if anyone has a updated link that would be great. Thanks

  2. Good night
    For some reason I’m having trouble downloading this bus. The download never completes. I tried another bus to see if it was limited to just this bus but the same thing happens
    If someone could pleae look into this that’d be great. Thanks

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