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Chicago (Midwestern Edition)

Chicago (Midwestern Edition) (2020 Released)
Once upon a time Cayuga 0.5 was the beginning of a map dynasty from creator Dash5155. As time went on I began to take on the task to develop my vision of Chicago and RTA's operations through his map and once Cayuga 0.6 came around the progress of 0.5 had already begun to take shape and I stuck with the challenge to not only expand the map but make it my own.


Brief Rundown:
Alright, so you're probably wondering why the map has its own unique name now after so many years of using the default "Cayuga" and then added "midwest". After the last several months of revamping and expanding so many parts of the maps, it has really dawned on me that this is nearly close to what Chicago is in real life to a degree, and since it is my hometown I might as well give this map a new name to represent what a virtual Chicago would look like through my lens and creativity. A majority of the routes in the map resemble routes from Chicago Transit Authority and Pace in some form along with each of many neighborhoods also representing parts of Chicago's rich culture and history. I hope everyone gets used to the new name.

I would also like Credits to the following users that have helped me along the way through the development of Chicago (Midwestern Edition) (2020 W.I.P). I feel like there is more but I can't remember everyone.

Fishbowl 5227

Available on VTC


Great Grundorf 2


Chicago DLC


New John City (Link has been updated)


Daytonford (Updated Link) Thanks to MTA_Donny

Project Lublin
Project Lublin

Airport Addon


Photo Gallery


Map (Updated as of 7/2/19) 7:52 PM

Cayuga Midwest 0.1 (Official Release) July 2nd
Cayuga Midwest 0.1 July 6th Patch (Map only)
Cayuga Midwest 0.1 July 6th Patch (Sceneryobjects)

Also for everyone that is planning or has already downloaded the map please make sure you install everything correctly and replace all required files in their respective folders because if you don't your map will not work properly at all. Also please make sure you have all required dependencies installed correctly as well. Otherwise, your map will not work.
Cayuga Midwest 0.1 (November 3rd Update)

Sceneryobjects (You must download every link and extract the contents to your scenery-objects folder.)

Dash-Liberty Roads

2020 Update
Cayuga Midwest 0.8 (2020 Update)

2020 Update Patch #1
Cayuga Midwest 0.8 (2020) Update Patch #1

Chicago (Midwestern Edition) Official Release (June 2nd)
Chicago (Midwestern Edition) Official Release (June 2nd)

Chicago (Midwestern Edition) Official Release Patch #1 (June 27th)
Chicago (Midwestern Edition) Official Release Patch #1 (June 27th)

Repaints Final Version (Fixed opacity for New Flyer issues) As of -2/25/20


(Updated Link)

This website has just about every omsi object/spline pack
OMSI Bibliobjects

CCTA Bus Roster

2000-2002 NOVA LFS(6400-6883):
Engine: Cummins ISC
Transmission: ZF 5HP552C

2006-2009 New Flyer D40LF(1000-2029)
Engine: Cummins ISM
Transmission: ZF 6HP592C

Engine: Cummins ISL
Transmission: ZF 6HP594C

(1930-2029) Allison B400

2006-2007 New Flyer DE40LF
Engine(5900-5909): Cummins ISL

Transmission(5900-5909): Allison EP-40 Hybridrive System

2008-2009 New Flyer C40LF
Engine(5910-5949):Cummins ISL
Transmission(5910-5949):ZF 6HP594C

2008-2009 New Flyer DE60LF (4000-4207)
Engine: Cummins ISL
Transmission: Allison EP-50 Hybridrive System

2014-2016  Nova LFS Smart Bus (7900-8325)
Engine: Cummins ISL9
Transmission: ZF6AP1400B

Also, make sure you download all links made available in the requirements above! and to gain a quicker response join the official Virtual Transportation Center Discord server!
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