This Map is based on Kansas city, Missouri. I started working on This Map (from start) Since last year. its Still working in progress (w.i.p). Not Sure of the actual…

Saratoga Livery

The Saratoga Livery for the OMSI 2 map known as Saratoga County has undergone several facelifts since conception. Today, we will change that. This post is a poll for which…

Aberdeen: Road to Release

A quick update for Aberdeen as we get closer to our (unannounced!) release date.

NorthWest Studios: Another Map!

NorthWest Stuidos announces a new map project for OMSI 2!

Planned Fleet, AI Lists, & Repaints Rollout!

Screenshots Included!

New Year’s Progress for Aberdeen!

New Updates for the New Year!

Saratoga County Map Released!

Guess what OMSI fans? A new US based map called Saratoga County has just been released! What is Saratoga County? Well let’s find out! Saratoga County is a fictional county,…

Cayuga USA Update Released!

Hey guys, good news! Cayuga USA version 0.8 update has just dropped over on the downloads section! Here’s a brief rundown of what this update brings over the previous version:…

OMSI Neoplan USA Articulated on Sale!

From the developer known as “Ultimate Neoplan” comes a new mod that brings, for the first time, fully functional Neoplan Articulated buses to OMSI 2. Pre-ordering is open to the…

Southside Ithaca – WIP OMSI Map

Southside IthacaRoute 15 – Southside Shopper Introduction to Southside Ithaca Ithaca is Gorges! Welcome to Ithaca. A very lively town in upstate New York with one of the simplest bus…