This Map is based on Kansas city, Missouri. I started working on This Map (from start) Since last year. its Still working in progress (w.i.p). Not Sure of the actual…

Saratoga Livery

The Saratoga Livery for the OMSI 2 map known as Saratoga County has undergone several facelifts since conception. Today, we will change that. This post is a poll for which…

Aberdeen: Road to Release

A quick update for Aberdeen as we get closer to our (unannounced!) release date.

NorthWest Studios: Another Map!

NorthWest Stuidos announces a new map project for OMSI 2!

Planned Fleet, AI Lists, & Repaints Rollout!

Screenshots Included!

New Year’s Progress for Aberdeen!

New Updates for the New Year!

Saratoga County Map Released!

Guess what OMSI fans? A new US based map called Saratoga County has just been released! What is Saratoga County? Well let’s find out! Saratoga County is a fictional county,…

Cayuga USA Update Released!

Hey guys, good news! Cayuga USA version 0.8 update has just dropped over on the downloads section! Here’s a brief rundown of what this update brings over the previous version:…

OMSI Neoplan USA Articulated on Sale!

From the developer known as “Ultimate Neoplan” comes a new mod that brings, for the first time, fully functional Neoplan Articulated buses to OMSI 2. Pre-ordering is open to the…

OMSI 2 Repaint Tutorial

Hello Everyone, I know people ask time and time again how to do repaints in OMSI and OMSI 2. I made a tutorial back in 2014 showing how to do…

Giving OMSI 2 Buses Exterior Announcements

This tutorial will show you how to get exterior announcements on your buses, based on the schedule you’re on. Make sure you make backups of all your files and attempt at your own risk! I will not be held responsible if you didn’t make backups!!

Southside Ithaca – WIP OMSI Map

Southside IthacaRoute 15 – Southside Shopper Introduction to Southside Ithaca Ithaca is Gorges! Welcome to Ithaca. A very lively town in upstate New York with one of the simplest bus…