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Gillig SQUAD!

Started by Dash5155, April 23, 2020, 12:22:02 am

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Modded Gillig Low Floor
Sound/Script Mods By Dash5155, original bus by MTA3306

To everyone who took part in today/yesterday's stream: Good job making sure all the rules were followed and such. As a reward, here's a link.


This contains my modified version of the Gillig, with new sounds, viewing angles, and the DD50 variant added.  Other specialties include:

  • All-door exiting
  • Exteior announcements
  • the many sound moods by Dash5155/TheDashOfficial
  • the many script changes by Dash5155/TheDashOfiicial

Special thanks to:
  • MTA3306 (Creator of the Original Bus)
  • Dash5155
  • Krtz07
  • Jon

The original Gillig Low Floor mod was created by MTA3306, who deserves major props for putting this model into OMSI in the first place. Visit for all their updates and content.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeee Squad
 Also how do i add skins to it?


Quote from: Hiya on April 23, 2020, 12:26:19 amAaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeee Squad
 Also how do i add skins to it?

The repaint folder is included. Named Repaint_[size] within the textures folder.

It's the same as the original mod made by MTA3306 - I didn't change that at all.


This seems like a very welcoming change! I wish I could join these streams but I'm really getting hammered with college work, especially right after the spring break came to a close. I really wish for another break lol.

Either way, thanks for the fun gift, I'll try it out this weekend.


Just took the bus out for a spin (while quietly ditching online classes.)

It sounds really crisp and accurate, definitely a step up from the previous gillig release. I was against putting Gilligs in my fleet at first, but they're just too good to pass up.

- Thanks again, Openbve092


It's saying that I need an app, or that there isn't an app associated with what I'm trying to download, for this or the cayuga map, do you know what that app is?


Some of The gillig advantage ai busses don't stop at red lights

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