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Add-On Maps / Cayuga Midwest 0.1 (Beta Released)
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:35:32 AM »

Cayuga Midwest 0.1
Once upon a time Cayuga 0.5 was the beginning of a map dynasty from creator Dash5155. As time went on I began to take on the task to develop my vision of Chicago and RTA's operations through his map and once Cayuga 0.6 came around the progress of 0.5 had already begin to take shape and I stuck with the challenge to not only expand the map but make it my own.

Brief Rundown:
The semi fictional US State is located between Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. In this map, you'll notice several changes to the surrounding areas of the original version of Dash's Cayuga 0.5 including two new downtown areas north and west of Downtown Cayuga. Also several branches of routes travel from one end of the city to another while other adjoining routes serve several inncer-city communities and suburban areas. Local towns such as Greenville and Lakeland will receive a major overhaul later on this year.
I send all my thanks to Dash5155 for creating this map in 2015 and giving me the opportunity to collaborate our ideas together while also giving myself the opportunity to showcase my skill set and talent towards this map that I solely expanded on my own since late 2016.

I'm close to finishing development of the map but a release isn't likely for the next several months. On the bright side "Several months" can range from 1 to 3 or 4 to 5. I'll keep you guys posted with updates weekly. Also if anyone with map making experience or has a good sense to pay attention to detail when it comes to maps shoot me a message. Lastly, Beta testing will only come to a select few with Map making experience and also pointing out key things for me to fix with in the map. When the right people come along and all goes well a time frame for a release will be announced.

Available on VTC
Liberty 0.2.3

Cayuga 0.6



Great Grundorf 2

Chicago DLC

New John City (Link has been updated)

Viva (Website Down)

Manly ACT Two (Website Down)

Airport Addon

Photo Gallery

Map (Updated as of 6/7/18) 1:35 PM

Sceneryobjects (You must download every link and put everything in your sceneryobjects folder.) -5/30/18 -5/30/18 -5/30/18 -5/30/18 5/31/18  -5/31/18 -5/31/18 -5/31/18 -5/31/18 -6/7/18

Splines (You must download every link and put everything in your splines folder.) -5/30/18 -6/7/18 -6/7/18 -6/10/18 -6/11/18

Repaints Final Version (Fixed opacity for New Flyer issues) As of -5/30/18


Now if anyone has any issues with loading the map,getting blue skies and or other issues leave a message with your logfile and i'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Use maptools to speed up the process for me to see what you're missing that way I can give you what you're missing and also upload it to the final version. Now this beta will obviously have bugs, If you're looking for run numbers for non-dbc buses I will have that available in the final version, If you're wondering why Lakeland and Greenville have remained the same it is because I will begin working on those areas once the final version of the map will come out. Now I want everyone who that are members to give feedback and non remembers to register to VTC and also give feedback. I kept my promise and this is a bit of a surprise but I feel the map is stable enough to release as a beta. Enjoy what is given and lets start this summer off on a good note guys I greatly appreciate you all and Happy Memorial Day!  8)   

Also make sure you download all links made available in the requirements above!
and to gain a quicker response join our very own VTC discord.

Post has been updated as of 2:23 PM 6/10/18

General Support / OMSI Editor Issues.
« on: May 18, 2017, 01:37:33 PM »

Every time I go towards 18th and City,Greenville and Springfield I can't add or save any new content while in OMSI editor and this error message pops up. It's weird because I can add content around those areas such as Downtown and Lakeland but not anywhere near those areas.I went through this with 0.5 and now 0.6. Any ideas?

Error: Access violation at address 007A3942 in module 'Omsi.exe'. Read address 000001AC: IM.UseInputCommands

Error:           Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 007A3942 in Modul 'Omsi.exe'. Lesen von Adresse 000001AC: IM.UseInputCommands

Add-On Vehicles / Flxible Metro Series (WIP)
« on: December 15, 2016, 01:07:14 PM »
So I'm new to the community and the game of OMSI 2. I've seen almost all of my favorite buses become a reality with in the game except for one. Yes my friends the Flxible Metro series will be coming to a city near you in the future. I've just broken ground on it a few days ago and have made some progress on it. I plan to make a Metro B,D & E All 40 footers. I could use some well needed help when it comes down to creating templates and repaints but for now wish me luck. Also if anyone has experience with setting up templates send me a message. It would be very much apprenticed.

Also I would Like to thank Randy Puello for giving me this model to start of on.

Metro D

Metro E

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