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xx New Multimedia Gallery Launched!
October 12, 2017, 09:04:56 PM by Dash5155
Hey guys, as the title says, I launched a new photo gallery where you can share both real-world and Simulation based Images!

Here's a list of features this Multimedia Gallery has over the old one:

-You can share multiple pictures, not just OMSI but all transportation images
-You can comment, share, and rate pictures
-You don't run the risk of someone stealing your pictures, as they are stamped with a watermark
-You can bulk upload images, up to 20 at a time infact!
-You can hotlink to external sites (unlike Photobucket <.<)
-You're allowed to create new albums for agencies that currently have none, or simply upload to your personal albums
-So much more!

All you need is an account with Virtual Transportation Center! Click the Gallery tab in the menu at the top, or Click here and share:
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