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The MCI D4500CL is currently the most common commuter coach bus in NYC besides the CT and Prevost X3-45 Commuter Coach. It ks expected for me to complete this by end of next year or mid 2018.(Due to school thats why lol). Please Note : IN NO WAY I AM RELATED TO MTA3306'S WORK ON THE MCI D4500CT, I AM DOING THE CL AND IN NO WAY HAS HE INFLUENCED THIS WORK FOR AS I HAVE STARTED THIS IN 2015 AND WANT TO SHARE IT PUBLICLY IN 2 YEARS*****. If you have any questions or comments please contact me via this website, but if its a note depth question, i will provide you with my email of i believe its ok though.

If you are looking to take over this project BY ANY MEANS you must via this website and i will provide ypu with my email.

The picture posted is the next step for the public version of this bus i will be working on, its not alot but its the first step for this version. If i mentioned a beta please excuse me if i didnt but a beta will possibly be released in June or July 2017.
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Re: MCI D4500CL
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Good luck on the project.
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Re: MCI D4500CL (WIP)
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How is the project going along?


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