Facebook and YouTube Not for Support

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Facebook and YouTube Not for Support
« on: May 14, 2017, 09:41:27 PM »
Previosuly, it was listed in all my add-ons but I occasionally made exceptions depending on how urgent it seemed.

However as of this moment, you WILL be ignored by me if you ask on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter for support on the following add-ons. If you personal message me about these add-ons, I'll also ignore those message, as there is already the support forums with multiple people available to help you. There is no reason why you need to One-on-one with me all the time especially considering thousands of people do it all at the same time.

  • New Flyer Powertrain Mod
  • Cayuga USA v0.6+
  • Grundelphia
  • Liberty Map

Once again if you ask on Facebook, twitter, or YouTube for support on these mods, do NOT expect to get an answer from me. Thanks.
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